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Ad Creatives - one of the most efficient forms of advertising

4 Oct. 2021 -
This blog article shows how to make the most of images and videos in advertisements. Practical tips that can be implemented directly, which should help as many self-employed people and entrepreneurs as possible to run successful advertising campaigns.
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Definition: (the) Ad Creative

->A photo or a video. It is presented to the target group of a marketing campaign and communicates the advertising message.

1. how to use online advertising in general to generate more sales through the website?

A website or landing page is the heart of every activity on the internet. However, as soon as a professional solution has been found, this does not directly mean that more new business will be generated or more applications will be generated. For this, a so-called activation website is missing.
A few years ago, when a business opened a new branch, it was activated by newspaper advertising or posters. Today, there is a digital equivalent that is far more effective for promoting a website: results-oriented online marketing.

In other words, you place advertisements to a specific target group and get clear results on how many people were reached, how many clicked on the ad and how many bought a product, for example. The wastage of a newspaper or poster campaign is thus minimised. It is also possible for the first time to transparently see which campaign has generated which profit, as it is possible to track clicks on the advertisement and subsequent purchases.

For results-oriented online marketing, there are two primary platforms: Google and Facebook.
This blog article will be about the secrets of the most successful activations via Facebook.

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world at the moment. Therefore, advertising campaigns have the greatest impact here.
Important: This is not about publishing so-called organic content on one's own profiles, but about displaying paid advertising.

So if you want to bring potential purchases to your website, you run an advertising campaign on Facebook. This consists of the following 3 things:

  1. Your target audience
  2. A text (Ad Copy)
  3. A photo or video (Ad Creative)

Of these 3 components, the Ad Creative is the most important. This is where the good ads are separated from the bad and there are endless possibilities to successfully create your own creative.

2. how to design ad creatives to get the best results?

Which creatives work and which don't often seem arbitrary and difficult to understand. Video ads that have been worked on for hours are beaten by a simple product image because they simply generate more purchases.

How to achieve predictable success in your own campaigns from these lucky breaks is explained in the following 3 proven methods that have demonstrably ensured above-average performance:

2.1 Heartbeat Method

This method says that you should make a cut in the video after about 1.5 seconds and thus switch to another scene. It is thus roughly synchronous with the heartbeat of the users and ensures a varied creative.
There is an absolute sensory overload on social media. It is therefore important to adapt to this medium and design your advertising media similarly quickly. Together with fast music, this is a creative of the professional brands!

2.2 Scroll Stopper

Users on Facebook want to see content that interests them. They are on the platform to comment and share photos and videos of friends. They have not planned to see a specific ad. Any ad creative therefore needs to engage a user in the first second and prevent them from swiping the ad away.

As an insider tip, I recommend the following scroll stoppers:

  • WhatsApp Notifications
  • Mobile phone notifications
  • Call Screen
  • Breakout clips

The first second is the most important in a video ad creative and determines success or failure. For this reason, it is recommended...

2.3 Test different first seconds

This is where good marketers separate themselves from the best marketers. If you want to achieve above-average performance in your campaigns, this is the most important point.
The fact is: no one can predict the Facebook algorithm and the behaviour of users 100%. (not even Facebook itself). Therefore, it is essential to constantly test ad creatives against each other and identify the so-called "winning creatives".

So you make at least 3 different versions of an ad creative that only differ in one thing: the first second.
This way, you get the maximum out of the creatives and ensure that you don't just rely on lucky hits.

After running the various ad creatives for a few days, you will quite quickly see which ones are winners and which ones are losers.
By analysing which versions worked better, you can directly use the winning methods in the next creation process and thus always create successful campaigns in the long run.

This knowledge is the result of 7-figure advertising budgets and years of experience. With these tips, you will be able to reach your goal quickly and save resources.

If you still have questions or are looking for a partner who already has experience and produces successful ad creatives on a daily basis, please contact our partner

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ninesixteen studios GmbH
Nicolas Karges is the managing director of ninesixteen studios GmbH. For over 5 years, the team has been working on effective and unique ad creatives for various industries. Their clients include innocent, Visa, OneFootball, Yamaha Motor, Seeberger and several SMEs.

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